The blue pill

Posted 2018-03-27 02:50:41 UTC

Series: libmatrix-client

Part 2

I mentioned the... interesting behavior of the logout endpoint in and discovered that it's actually a bug in syanpse. I searched for an existing issue in case there was one and right as I found it, Matthew made a new issue... Anyway, this didn't seem like too huge a task, so I thought maybe I'd give it a shot.

The fix turned out to be pretty simple, I figured it out in about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it turned out that someone else had already made a pull request that fixes this bug. Double unfortunately, it isn't a very well written fix either: instead of using the members of AuthError to dynamically generate the error to send to the client, the values were hard-coded. This meant that their version would only tell you your token is "unknown or expired", even if there was never a token provided. Instead of continuing to talk about the issue in, Rich suggested I write my thoughts in a comment on the PR, so we'll see how that goes.